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Good Bye 2017!! 

You were a wonderful amazing year of taking risks, reaching goals, and finding new horizons that surprised even me - it was a good year! This newsletter will be short and sweet to salute 2017 and express gratitude for everyone that helped make this year so special. I am ever more determined to make a difference in 2018, explore new creative ideas, become more involved in the community, and find ways to promote kindness and compassion. 

New Work at 10 West Gallery

Introducing the newest creations from my studio. "Gone Girls" (right) was finished just in time for delivery on December 27. The cutaway collage underlayers were complicated with stenciling and spray paint.. I finally found a complete balance, and was thrilled to add it to the collection of new work. 

"Hype" (below) contains the predominant theme of "don't believe the hype" there's a lot of hot air out there. We just need the truth not alternative facts, I don't think that's asking for too much. Currently on view at 10 West Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA through January 28, 2018.
Madeline Garrett collage on panel 10 West Gallery
"gone girls" 30x30" mixed media collage on panel
Madeline Garrett
"Hype" 48x48" mixed media with collage on canvas

Sold Out!!
​Abstract Layering Techniques Workshop (Level 1) - Jan 10-12

Class is full and we will begin the workshop next week with a wonderful group of artists! We had so many sign up that the class will be held at Peggy Ferris' spacious Chaparral Studios in the foothills of Santa Barbara. It is such perfect timing to kick off the year with a bold jump into creative expression. The possibilities are endless, and I am proud to be the teacher/mentor/instigator for this workshop! 

Current and Upcoming Shows - add these to your calendar:

10 West Gallery ​- Group Show , Jan 2018
on view through Jan 28, 2018
Reception: 1st Thursday - Jan 4 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, Apr 2018
Reception: 1st Thursday - Apr 5 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

GraySpace Gallery - May 18 - July 15, 2018
Duo show with Salvatore Matteo

Reception: May 18 from 5-8pm
219 Gray Ave, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, Jul 2018
Reception: 1st Thursday - Jul 5 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, Oct 2018
Reception: 1st Thursday - Oct 4 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, Dec 2018
Reception: 1st Thurs - Dec 6 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

Cheers to the New Year!

<![CDATA[The Night After Christmas]]>Fri, 29 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://mgarrettstudio.com/blog/the-night-after-christmasa little poem I wrote, based on true events during the holidays:

The Night After Christmas

'Twas the night after Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except for Maddy in the studio
Trying to finish some supercool paintings
For delivery in the morning.

It was 3am and she thought they were done.
She tumbled into bed, too excited to sleep.
Visions of paintings danced in her head,
So she arose with a clatter to make one more splatter
And away to the studio she flew. 
She turned on the lights and got into the paint, 
In the twinkle of an eye, what do you know..
A whole new painting – just in time for the show.

With the truck full of work, all ready to hang
She ran to the gallery with great cheer. 
Mission accomplished, she exclaimed with a sigh,
Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!

And Santa went "ho ho ho" all the way home 😂
Studio shot on the night before delivery - the painting on the left did not make it, but I finished the larger one on the right AND a whole new piece that's a must-see at 10 West Gallery!
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Studio Gone Urban

Well, I achieved my goal these past few months: create enough artwork for the group show in September at the 10 West Gallery and my solo show in October - Industrial Strength - at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara. The October show was a completely new challenge since I was switching gears to even more urban-concentrated collage and I did not realize how much time it would take to work on the collage.. hours upon hours of taping the potential composition and moving everything around until either it feels settled or I drive myself so crazy that I finally tell myself to just glue it down and react to the next layer. Gotta love the non-permanent non-commital aspect of collage, until you start gluing. I would start with coffee in the morning and go straight to the studio, for 12-hr days, in pure insanity mode but also a total joy. Go figure.

While working on the collage and digging through boxes of old pictures, I found my b&w negatives from stomping around Greenwich Village back in the '80s. They were scanned to digital, printed, torn and added to the collage. I also selected four of the key images to be mounted on panel for illustrative purposes. With all the painting/writing/tagging/ gluing going on, it was an amazing experience!! Be sure to visit my website portfolio to view the new artwork. I also wrote an Industrial Strength Artist Statement to go with the show at the Architectural Foundation. Check it out if you get a chance, the show is up through November 16. Gallery hours are Saturdays 1-4pm and by appointment (please contact AFSB at 805.965.6307).
Slideshow (above): my Industrial Strength solo show at the Architectural Foundation 
Chinatown Bakery 12x12" mixed media collage on panel
Cutaway (I) ​12x12 mixed media collage on panel
"Greenwich Village: Graffiti Dumpster" photographed in the 1980's, the beginning of my obsession with chaotic urban photography. 

Sold! on opening night

A few pieces were sold on opening night which is always a nice surprise: "Greenwich: Sun Flare" (9x12" digital print mounted on panel), "Greenwich: Laundry" (9x12" digital print mounted on panel), and "Turtle Race" (12x12" mixed media on panel, see slideshow below. 

Sold at Artful Sol in Vail, CO

These are two of my paintings that were sold at Artful Sol last month - Camino Cielo (I) & (II). They were actually painted while adventuring on E. Camino Cielo during one of my "outdoor hiking/painting afternoons". These are near and dear to my heart.

Workshop Dates for Jan-Mar 2018

I will be teaching Abstract Layering Workshops in 2018: Level 1, Level 2, and brand new.. Advanced - Working Large for those that have taken my previous workshops and wish to go bigger with abstract layering techniques!! Just announced yesterday, and already Level 1 is almost full! Please see flyers below, share with anyone you know that might be interested, or message me  if you are interested in attending.

Industrial Strength - Review 

Zach Rosen from the Sentinel reviewed my show at AFSB.. I had less than an hour's notice, but I'm always ready to talk art.. many thanks to Zach for the write up!

New: Find My Work on Artsy!

Lastly, I have a profile on artsy.net, through 10 West Gallery. Artsy gets a lot of exposure as an online directory for major artists, art galleries, and art collectors. Please take the time to browse and like/follow to increase the viability of my site and 10 West Gallery. Many thanks for your support!!

<![CDATA[Madeline Garrett | Industrial Strength Artist Statement]]>Fri, 13 Oct 2017 01:39:17 GMThttp://mgarrettstudio.com/blog/madeline-garrett-industrial-strength-artist-statement
My newest collage and paintings are now hanging at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara in my solo show Industrial Strength. It took a massive amount of Industrial Strength to complete the show while focusing on this concept of industrial strength and what it means to my studio practice and ultimately the work that was accomplished. So I wrote an Industrial Strength artist statement to reflect the work.
Industrial Strength connotes "extremely powerful, intense, durable, more concentrated than the standard brand." My newest work has been intensified with protests and prayers woven into multiple layers of hand-painted papers, stenciling, reduction techniques, and torn images from my archive of street photography. Chaotic urban environments with demolished walls, raw graffiti, and gritty patterns all make their way into Industrial Strength

My idea for Industrial Strength has been brewing for over 30 years, absorbing city images until it started to flow out of my fingertips in an orchestration of color and energy. I am fascinated ​by the volume of graffiti covering almost any surface – walls, fences, railings, train cars, utility boxes, dumpsters. There is something about the rhythm, 
Live Your Dreams  12x12" mixed media collage  on panel
the color, and the energy that speak so strongly to me. I admire the boldness of street artists to create something bursting with color when the walls and fences are otherwise concrete ugliness, and the bravery to have the vision and find a place to make their imprint by hanging from billboards and rooftops. I am not glorifying vandalism of personal property or hate tags between gangs – that is not ok with me – but beautifying old neglected walls has an astounding worthiness that makes the world a little brighter, which I think is a brilliant and brave thing to do

Photography has become my method of examining this world zooming in closer and closer, not to understand or interpret, but to feel and embrace the beauty/chaos, the angst, the hint of meaning in the images. My tradition of searching for the mysterious and unknown has extended to the urban walls covered with street art that occurs mostly during late night hours, somewhat encrypted and unpredictable. The mystery is there and I love it..
Alley in Haight Ashbury, a fine example of graffiti on dumpsters, utility boxes, stairwells. Photograph by Madeline Garrett (2014)
The collage pieces contain many of my photographs from NYC, Haight Ashbury, Alcatraz, and Chinatown (San Francisco), in patterns of abstracted sections, torn and re-built into something that echoes in my soul. I've tagged my own paintings. I've written Industrial Strength protests and prayers with Industrial Strength attitude to make a difference in a broken world. We all need Industrial Strength to do what's right, kind and decent. Not just for one single religion, country, race or creed, but for all of us that share this planet earth.

Industrial Strength is on view through November 16th at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara, 229 E. Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA. Gallery hours are Saturdays from 1pm-4pm and by appointment (please call AFSB at 805-965-6307).
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Hurricane Mama Cuts Loose  That is the sign at the entrance to my studio, and that is my current theme for life. I am a flurry of activity - painting, writing, creating my own urban walls on panels/paper/canvas. And gluing.. papers flying everywhere as I work on a new phase of collage for upcoming shows. I have been on a tear (no pun intended) working on some rad new ideas to be revealed in the next month or so.

New work was delivered for the June show at 10 West Gallery and the ArtSEE benefit for SEE International. Both paintings sold at the benefit, and a large 5 ft painting was sold at 10 West the very next day after it was hung! Round that off with a trip to the Bay area - visiting family and bouncing around the city - as well as teaching another 3-day Abstract Layering Workshop (Level 1), and a 4-week Workshop (Level 2), it has been a crazy few months!!

San Francisco was incredibly inspiring as we roamed through Chinatown, Chestnut St and Haight-Ashbury. We even managed to score some tickets to the Art Market San Francisco at Fort Mason Center. Not as large as expected for an art fair, but plenty of eye popping gorgeous colors, art and inspiration. Lots of photographing around the city, and I discovered my newest obsession... 
​​For the real story behind "Hurricane Mama", please read to the end of this newsletter!
Street art in Chinatown, San Francisco
Artwork by Justin Lyons, San Francisco Art Market
My 5 ft painting "Lost Canoe" was sold the day after it was hung at 10 West Gallery!
I am seeing signs everywhere, and I can't stop taking pics. Yes me, Little Miss "I love graffiti", now it's all about the signs, the neon aged striking colors against the deep blue sky. My husband and daughter-in-law were very encouraging as they watched for traffic while I stood in the middle of the streets to get the best possible vantage point to photograph these amazing signs. I predict some might show up in my new collage series. Here are a few from our trip to San Francisco:

10 West Gallery - I delivered work for 10 West Gallery's June group show, and sold two paintings just ONE day after they were hung! Lost Canoe (60x56" oil, cold wax & powdered marble on panel) and White Water Rafting (20x20" oil & cold wax diptych). I replaced the 20x20" with a new painting for opening night June 1st, and we delivered the big panel to L.A. mid-June. My husband and I helped hang the heavy painting and the new buyers were super thrilled. Lost Canoe definitely found the perfect new home on a huge wall where it will be enjoyed for many years to come.
"Lost Canoe" 60x56 oil & cold wax, and grid of six 12x12's mixed media on panel
Artwork by Madeline Garrett, Sophie Cooper and Marlene Struss at 10 West Gallery's June show

Abstract Art Collective Sponsored the 3rd Annual benefit for SEE International at the JCC in Santa Barbara. There was a grid of 100 panels available for $100 each, 100% of the proceeds go to SEE International. I donated two panels and both were sold by the time I got to the reception on Sunday June 4th. Also a nice surprise to receive Honorable Mention for Roses in the Snow. On view at the JCC through August 16.
   Sold - Impulse #5, 10x10" mixed media
 Sold - Roses in the Snow, 10x10" mixed media
Grid of 100 panels by AAC artists for $100 each at the ArtSEE benefit for SEE International

Artful Sol in Vail, CO - two of my paintings sold - Urban Wall (42x48") and Stacked (30x30") - and were shipped to their new location in North Miami. Both paintings are mixed media with acrylic, graphite and caran d'ache on panel. Urban Wall also contained collage with graffiti and signage from San Francisco.

Teaching Workshops

​April and May featured two levels of my Abstract Layering Workshop. It was such a huge kick to see my students take off with new ideas, as we focused on working in a series. I can honestly say that the more I teach, the more I paint, as I work on describing my process in steps that even I can take if I get stuck in the middle of the painting cycle. Very helpful and productive. Stay tuned for upcoming classes!
Demonstrating the use of tools and techniques for working in a series  
Two of my students cracking up during one of our class exercises

For the real story behind Hurricane Mama, a pipe organ in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, please click hereThe story hits home for me because my mother had her degree in music with a major in piano and minor in voice and organ, and taught/performed for many years. She was the organist for a church in Haddonfield, NJ and never retired after 26 years of playing on Wednesdays and Sundays. Her repertoire extended far beyond church hymns, including Buxtehude, Saint-Saiens, Mendelsohn, and Liszt. Church members would often stay after the service just to hear her play. She took "time off" at age 79 for 
​Cameron Carpenter revving up Hurricane Mama for the show
radiation treatments and a few months later we lost her to cancer and other complications. She was a force to be reckoned with, and would have loved dearly to see this Hurricane Mama organ recital, quirky players and all. ​​

Current and Upcoming Shows ​- add these to your calendar!
ArtSEE 3rd Annual Benefit for SEE International
Sponsored by the AAC, Juried by David Barnett, VADA
Honorable Mention for my painting Roses in the Snow
On view through August 16, 2017
JCC, 524 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, June 2017
Reception: 1st Thursday - June 1 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

10 West Gallery - Group Show, September 2017
Reception: 1st Thursday, September 7 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

Architectural Foundation - Solo Show
September 12 - October 20, 2017
Reception: October 6 from 5-7pm
Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara
229 East Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA​

10 West Gallery - Group Show, December 2017
Reception: 1st Thursday - December 7 from 5-8pm
10 West Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA

Have a happy and healthy summer!

​all the best,
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<![CDATA[Urban Energy]]>Sun, 11 Dec 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://mgarrettstudio.com/blog/urban-energy
Every city I've been to is rich in visual resources: the color, the energy, the tones of gray, the graffiti and the eroded walls. I cannot put the camera down when I am in the city. Some of the places I have photographed with total obsession are Haight Ashbury, Greenwich Village, and even Alcatrez. My artwork is highly influenced by this urban energy in my attempt to create the "perfect wall"
photo credit Madeline Garrett: "Lost in the Alley" Haight Ashbury
<![CDATA[Shades of Gray]]>Sat, 10 Dec 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://mgarrettstudio.com/blog/i-love-gray
I love the color gray, in all shades & hues. I love pale gray, dark gray, sage gray, umber gray, and beige gray also known as greige. I have loved it for years, probably starting with black & white photography, because of the different variations of gray between the black and the white. Half of my wardrobe is gray. I rarely use gray right out of the tube and have to blend it with other earthy colors to achieve the perfect gray for my painting. Lately I have been attempting to get the the perfect cinder block cement gray and now I am rolling with many mixes in that shade.
<![CDATA[Cowgirl at Heart]]>Fri, 09 Dec 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://mgarrettstudio.com/blog/cowgirl-at-heartcowgirl at heart collage
I am a cowgirl at heart.. blazing new trails, roaming the mountainside, head in the clouds, trying to round up the muse and lasso her in for a wild ride. Can be seen with cowboy coffee in the desert, talking to cactus, and forever carrying a camera with the need to photograph everything with my own unique view. I take all of these experiences, work them into the surfaces of my paintings, and brandish them with my distinctive style.

Little Cowgirl is literally "now and then" in the same moment. Fifty years separate the two images in this collage: a 3-year old on the draw in her cowgirl suit, and the famous COWGIRL sign in ​Santa Fe where I have frequented many times during my travels.. a symbol of the free spirited cowgirl that still exists after all these years and is part of me whether I am 3 or 53. Lots of changes occur over the years, but the interior remains the same. No matter where I go or what I do, that spirit is there.